Meet Cliff Oates
Head Honcho and
Customer Care Advocate

Cliff Oates is the frontman of Neon Construction which he founded in 2017. He is a motivated professional who sets high standards for top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer care.

While Neon Construction is a relatively new kid on the block, Cliff has been involved in the Perth construction sector for more than 13 years. He is as enthusiastic about his craft as they come with a genuine interest in helping people shape their vision into reality.

Known for his agile and flexible approach, Cliff guides the business and adapting as things change, never losing focus on the big picture, and always working towards a common goal.

He prefers to do away with the ruthlessness of the construction sector and rather focus on delivering better outcomes for Neon’s clients. Because of this, Cliff personally oversees every client onboarding and continues to watch over the project throughout construction. He’s also a stickler for ongoing check-in calls well after the project is handed over.

•  Registered building contractor Neon Construction 103142
•  Registered building practitioner 101777
•  Diploma in Marketing
•  Diploma Building and Construction
•  Certificate 3 carpentry and joinery
•  Master Builders Association WA Ric New Medal finalist 2019

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Our Team.
At the heart of our success is our people; a dedicated team whose enthusiasm, experience and integrity are core to every project we deliver.
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